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Rural Public Psychiatry Fellowship

of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic


Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic’s Rural Public Psychiatry Fellowship is designed to educate early career psychiatrists and senior residents (PGY4 or PGY5) about both organizational and clinical challenges inherent in practicing within rural regions. Psychiatry residencies often provide substantive experiences in inpatient care and medication strategies, but may be less robust in other areas. The Fellowship seeks to address many of these additional topics that are important to clinical practice. The Fellowship typically partners with a community mental health provider that has a strong commitment to Public Service Psychiatry and can provide a wide range of clinical opportunities. This experience creates a culture of collegial support and promotes leadership. The clinical curriculum is adjusted to meet the needs of the Fellow. Clinical and Administrative topics relating to community and public service psychiatry are included in didactics throughout the year.

The Fellow is expected to expand his or her professional horizons beyond his or her home region. The Fellow is also expected to attend several conferences such as those hosted by the PPLC and the APA. The Fellow will gain a better understanding of how Mental Health is seen through a variety of lenses—for example, by attending meetings hosted by County Mental Health Administrators, Managed Care Organizations, NAMI Representatives, and working with families in Recovery Oriented Patient Care.

Finally, the Fellow is expected to be involved in a network of our Fellows from all three Pennsylvania based programs which use each other as resources for academic, professional, and clinical cooperation.